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Terms of Services

These Terms of Service describe the terms that apply to the use of online services provided by Moitea Oy under the brand name Kong Cha. For the purposes of these Terms, Online Services refer to the websites and mobile applications operated by Kong Cha. By using the Online Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

1. Contact Details of the Company

Moitea Oy (Kong Cha)

Business ID: 3124851-9

Vesipirtintie 4 A 11, 02330 Espoo

2. Intellectual Property Rights

All content and material available on the Online Services, such as trademarks, trade names, product information and images, are subject to copyright and other intellectual property laws and belong to Kong Cha or its affiliates and business partners. Use of the Online Services is permitted only for personal use in accordance with these Terms. Partial copying, publication, reproduction, transfer, distribution or any commercial exploitation without the permission of Kong Cha is prohibited. Kong Cha reserves all rights to its intellectual property and the exercise of such rights always requires the written consent of Kong Cha.

3. Third Party Services and Terms

The Online Services contain links to sites and services owned and operated by third parties. In addition, the Online Services utilise third party functionalities and features. These third-party services, functionalities and features are subject to the terms and conditions of these third parties. Kong Cha shall not be liable for the actions, content or functionality of such third parties, for any disruption or error caused by them, or for any other related or consequential damages.

4. Prices and Product Information

Product prices are valid until further notice and Product prices include VAT. Kong Cha strives to keep the price and product information presented up-to-date and correct, but does not guarantee the accuracy of the information or the availability of the products and is not responsible for them. 

5. Liability and Limitation of Liability of Kong Cha

Kong Cha does not guarantee the uninterrupted or error-free operation of the Online Services and is not responsible for their availability. Kong Cha reserves the right to temporarily deactivate the Online Services or any service or part thereof, for example due to the maintenance of the webpages or the maintenance of the hardware. Subject to applicable law, Kong Cha shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the use of the Online Services, their blocked use or any other related reason. Kong Cha reserves the right at any time without notice and for any reason to change the Terms of Services or the features, appearance, content, availability and services of the Online Services or other features of the Online Services.


Kong Cha strives to ensure that the benefits, discounts and rewards offered to customers are correct and up to date. However, Kong Cha does not warrant that all offers, discounts and prizes received through the Online Services will always be available at all Kong Cha locations.


Kong Cha is responsible for product defects in accordance with applicable consumer protection laws. If a defect is found in the products, Kong Cha will primarily endeavor to correct the defect within a reasonable time or to replace the defective product with a defect-free product.


The products offered may vary between different Kong Cha. If it appears that the product ordered by the customer has run out despite the availability information provided in the Online Services, Kong Cha will immediately notify the customer using the contact information provided by the customer. If the ordered product is otherwise out of stock or the product cannot be delivered, Kong Cha will reimburse the customer in full for the price paid for the product and the sale will be deemed to have been canceled for that product. However, if the customer wants to keep the transaction valid, the customer has the option to accept a longer delivery time or a replacement product.

Complaints about the products must be made without delay directly to the Kong Cha office or to the address mentioned in section 1 of these Terms.


The Online Services and their content are provided to the customer “as is”. Kong Cha is not responsible for errors, omissions or other defects in the content transmitted on the Online Services. Kong Cha does not guarantee the availability of the Online Services or its uninterrupted or error-free operation. Kong Cha shall not be liable for any costs, losses or other possible direct or indirect damages that may result from the use of the Online Services or the information provided on the Online Services, subject to any law.


Kong Cha is not responsible for problems with the Online Services due to exceptional circumstances such as fires, floods, demonstrations, wars or war-like situations, storms, vandalism, accidents, administrative restrictions, strikes or the like.

6. Processing of Personal Data and Cookies

Kong Cha takes care of the processing of personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation in the ways described in more detail in a separate Privacy Statement. Online Services utilize cookies and other similar technologies. These are used for session management, visitor tracking, and advertising, among other things. You can find out more about our Privacy practices, cookies and other similar technologies in the Kong Cha's separate privacy statement, which is available at our website.

7. Applicable Law

The Online Services and these Terms are governed by Finnish law, except for the provisions concerning the choice of law. Any disputes concerning the use of the online services will be resolved primarily through negotiations between the parties. If disputes cannot be settled amicably, they will be settled in the Helsinki District Court. 

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